Campus Outreach Worker

Thailand is affectionately known as the land of smiles. It is a country dotted with small villages and rice fields that all seem to flow toward the urban center of Bangkok. The population of Bangkok is anywhere from 9 million to 14 million on a daily basis. Like a heart beating, the number rises and falls with the daily influx and dispersion of people from rural to urban and back out. This urban center is the influencing force for education, economy and culture. At the same time, it is a city full of brokenness. Large concentrations of men and women are exploited for the sex industry. Impoverished families are stuck fighting for survival each day. The desire for money, power and status keep many dissatisfied.

Do you have a heart to minister to college students? Come to Thailand and build relationships with students at Bangkok’s numerous universities. Open the doors to the gospel through outreach activities such as ESL classes, sports and music. Help train and equip others to disciple and evangelize. Reach Thai students when they are most open to new friendships and new ways of thinking.