Business for Transformation Entrepreneur or Team Member

A network of on-the-ground teammates have opportunities for you to work with existing businesses or develop creative business solutions. In addition, if you have identified a national partner, we can help you successfully launch your business concept with training, coaching and assistance in raising business capital.

There are opportunities to fill specific functional roles in an existing business or to be an entrepreneur and start a new business. The key to success in either role is a willingness to learn the local language and culture and have some business experience in your home country.

We will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and guide you in your decision-making process for selecting the role that you would be best suited for. We have tools to help you serve for the long-term. Your work and life experience combined with your educational training and your heart’s desire will help define the best role for you.

For work with an existing business, the job description will define the qualifications that are required. You will have an opportunity to talk with the business owner to further clarify specific skill requirements.

If you are a missional entrepreneur planning on starting a new business, you will need a broader range of skills. You will be developing the strategic vision and mission to meet a need in the community. In addition, to varying degrees, you will identify partners and local employees to help you develop the business. You will have access to a range of coaches and mentors to help you through each step of your personal, spiritual, and business-development process.