Avance Colombia Program Director/Planter

Avance Internacional is actively seeking a director/initiator to plant Avance Colombia. The candidate will initially serve in residency for 6 – 12 months in Mexico.  This residency time is designed to train and equip this candidate to start and lead an Avance program in Medellin, Colombia.  Additionally, the residency will help in learning the DNA of Avance and what goes into making the program effective. We expect another 12-18 months of residency in Medellin prior to receiving Avance participants.

We are looking for someone with strong cross-cultural experience who has knowledge and experience in starting a new ministry or program. This individual will show an ability to work with young adults as they develop in their personal discipleship and formation in Christ, navigate experiences in another culture, grow in their understanding of cross-cultural ministry, and deepen their knowledge of the Scriptures. This individual will also demonstrate a heart and understanding to come alongside local ministry leaders to encourage and assist them in their God-given dreams to impact their congregations, neighborhoods, and city.

The candidate will work with the Avance International director, with counsel from the director of Avance España and in cooperation with the regional leader for South American starting a similar program in Medellin.  This individual will demonstrate a commitment and respect for the church in Colombia and greater Latin America.  Initially, through the counsel of the regional leader, they will identify key ministry partners and begin to establish relationships through networking in the Colombian context.

The planter will be expected to meet specific metrics during the period of residency to receive approval for an official launch of the Avance Colombia program and will be required to raise support to provide for the full salary.

The goal will be to begin receiving Avance participants one year after arriving in Colombia, as soon as September 2022.

Personal Qualifications:

  • Contagious faith, deep love for the Lord Jesus, His church, for young adults and for the people of Colombia and Latin America.
  • A desire to work alongside the church in Colombia and Latin America, recognizing the work God is doing in and through them and cooperating with and supporting its efforts.
  • A commitment to working interdenominationally with the Evangelical church in Colombia and Latin America.
  • A passion for mentoring, training and shaping future generations of cross-cultural missionaries and missionally minded individuals who participate in Avance.
  • Experience working with and administering a non-profit agency or Christian ministry.
  • A strong commitment to and experience with Avance’s strategic approach and values (Immersion, Incarnation and Innovation and • Contextual Immersion • Biblical Reflection • Formation • Community-Based Mission & Proclamation • Accompaniment – Mentoring)
  • Has completed at least four years in cross-cultural ministry service.
  • Demonstrates spiritual maturity (e.g. 1 Tim. 3:1-13, Titus 1:5-9).
  • Able to work well with others.
  • Is able to work without direct supervision and is highly motivated.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Forward thinking.
  • Team builder and problem solver.
  • Has a good rapport or the ability to develop good rapport with the Colombian people.
  • Good working knowledge of Spanish.
  • Willingness to grow, learn and adapt.
  • Basic understanding of fundraising principles and how the role fits within the development goals of the ministry.
  • Strong networking skills.
  • Willing to travel.

Strongly recommended:

  • Seminary background
  • Alumnus of Avance (formerly known as Spearhead) or similar experience in a cross-cultural educational or missional program.

About Avance:

Avance Internacional is a dynamic missions immersion program currently operating out of Mexico City, Mexico and Granada, España.   Avance Mexico has been accompanying college age young adults in considering God’s call upon their lives, while at the same time working alongside the Mexican church as it seeks to impact Mexico for Christ for the past 50 years.   Just 5 years ago, Avance commissioned a young family to begin Avance España and the program has been growing effectively in this context, receiving participants since 2018.  Avance offers cross-cultural ministry service opportunities for periods of 2 months, a semester, a year and 2 years.

Avance Internacional is a direct ministry of the United World Mission, formerly under Latin America Mission, until the merger of the two in 2014.  Through this relationship we have ministerial contacts throughout Latin America and as a result of conversation with regional leadership in Colombia we have determined that Medellin, Colombia would be an ideal location to begin another Avance program with impact potential in Colombia, Central America and South America.

In Avance’s 50 plus years of service, over 3,000 young adults have served with Avance from two months to two years, with many committing to longer-term missional service in Mexico and Latin America and around the world. We have seen the church built up and workers mobilized locally and internationally, including Latin Americans inspired to serve cross-culturally.