Anti-Trafficking Outreach Coordinator

The Midsouth Abolition Task Force brings humanitarian relief and the gospel to those most desperate in the most effective, efficient, and expedient way around the world. They are also involved in providing resources and support for anti-human trafficking initiatives, humanitarian aid, church planting, and more.

We need an Outreach Coordinator to coordinate outreach efforts both to victims of human trafficking situations as well as consumers of human trafficking’s results. It takes a lot to coordinate efforts to rescue those who have been trafficked, and to those who fuel human trafficking as consumers. The coordinator will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of this venture. As the Outreach Coordinator, you will direct teams to conduct undercover human surveillance, direct female teams to reach out to victims of sex trafficking online, direct male teams to reach out to adult entertainment consumers, and direct street outreach teams,

For this position, you’ll need the ability to learn about anti-trafficking efforts, why human trafficking happens, and how to help make it stop. You need to be willing to work and to direct teams to accomplish this goal. Other requirements include a willingness to go into hard places for the sake of ministry, and a passion for helping people and loving them like Jesus would.