God is at work in the nations, bringing people back to Himself.
Will you join Him?

At United World Mission, we are passionate about the global Church. One way that we share our passion with the world is through empowering missionaries who partner with Christian nationals to help equip leaders, establish churches, and engage in holistic ministry. We believe that God can use a short-term experience to bring you into a deeper level of engagement and commitment with the Great Commission.

We have a team dedicated to walking with you through this process from beginning to end. We provide comprehensive pre-field training and debriefing materials, as well as full logistic services to take the burden of planning off of your shoulders. We want to remove any roadblocks that may keep you from serving in a cross-cultural context. Our Mission Team opportunities are designed to support the long-term work of our trusted national partners and missionaries by fulfilling a specific need that they requested.

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