About East Mountain United Kingdom

Missional communities such as East Mountain have a long history in the United Kingdom.  The introduction of Christianity to Scotland by Irish missionaries in the centuries following the Fall of Rome (5th century) saw numerous vibrant communities spring up.  These communities exerted great influence in the spiritual formation, leadership development and political fortunes of the nation.  Out of these communities came kings and poets, philosophers, historians and missionaries.  There is a growing desire in our day to see these kind of communities again exert great influence.  There is also a dawning recognition in the “Celtic lands” (Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales) that God is in the process of renewing a spiritual history and reawakening these nations to their former sense of calling and mission.


In this historic moment we at East Mountain UK desire to be a part of this movement by investing in pastors, missionaries, biblical scholars, church planters and para-church leaders to participate in relationally driven, community centric, multi-cultural learning environments.  It is our dream to see European Christian leaders connected to their God, their own hearts and to each other; a vast web of relationships that will stretch throughout Europe and bring life, renewal and revival across a dark continent!


Summer Program
May – August

  • Cost: $5600 + airfare
  • Location: Haddington, Scotland


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