We are excited to announce the appointment of Josué Fernandez as Director of the Overseas Council ministry. Josué succeeds Scott Cunningham, who is transitioning to a part-time role after 14 years of serving the Overseas Council ministry.

Born in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina, Josué Fernández began serving with Overseas Council in 2007 as Regional Director for Latin America & the Caribbean. He has extensive pastoral experience in churches in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Queens, New York. While serving as a pastor, his passion for young people led him to develop a rehab program for drug addicts, create feeding programs for street children, and establish discipleship and young leaders’ training programs. Josué and his wife, Liliana, live in Cordoba, Argentina, and have five adult children.


How have you seen God preparing you for this new role?
First, God has been helping me see that leadership is not about what you can do, but what God can do through your life. It is not a question of having things under control but allowing God to lead you to what He wants to do at this moment in history. Second, I have a great family
that supports me and has made huge sacrifices walking with me all these years, especially my wife, Lily. Third, I have learned about leadership and and been inspired by people like Dr. Manfred Kohl, Dr. David Baer, and Dr. Scott Cunningham, and all my OC ministry colleagues.

What excites you about taking on this leadership position?
I’m excited about walking with leaders to address the Global Leadership Challenge, the crying need for more well-equipped and thriving leaders. I’m also looking forward to serving alongside the global Church to respond to contextual training challenges in each region. Finally, it’s exhilarating
to dream about seeing communities transformed by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why do you believe UWM is best positioned to prepare future leaders of the global Church?
UWM is positioned globally to address the Global Leadership Challenge through integrating formal, non-formal, and informal training – from the seminary to local leaders helping churches engage their neighborhoods. We are planning an ambitious strategy that we hope will produce great fruit for the Kingdom of God.

Our United World Mission family prays for wisdom and strength for Josué as he leads the Overseas Council ministry.