God’s Provision


One of our team members, Jennifer, has been working with Hanna as she applied to serve with Avance España for 2 years.  A great story of God at work came up as Hanna continued to trust the Lord and surrender herself to His good plans for her.  From Hanna:

“God has been SO good to me in this season of surrender, fears, and what-ifs.  I had been really stressed about when to tell my company that I would be leaving for the mission field. I felt the Lord nudging me to tell them even though I still needed the job for 5 more months. It was a huge risk knowing that they could decide not to keep me on. But, I decided to trust the Lord’s guidance and I told my company.

They could not have been more supportive! Not only did they say I can stay on full-time through the end of May, they have offered to keep me on part-time until I leave for the UWM training at the end of September!!! My boss said they know that support raising is my first priority, so I can work as much or as little as I want. I can come into the office, or be remote. What a huge blessing!!!

But the Lord’s favor does not stop there. My Senior Director at work pulled me aside and offered for me to live with her FOR FREE. She said she has a private basement and I can live there as long as I want/need. She said she will take care of rent, utilities, and most groceries. On top of that, her basement is unfurnished – I will move my furniture down there and she will keep it while I am in Spain. Immensely blessing me, but also blessing her.

I am at a place where I am just so in awe of God. He continues to show me that this is not MY mission, but HIS. How could I possibly believe that He won’t provide for me? He continues to pour out blessings and favor.” – Hanna Sise, Appointed to Spain

April Update: Since all of the changes with COVID19, Hanna’s launch to Spain has been delayed four months. Her company has agreed to shift her timeline, and she will now stay full-time until she leaves for training. Additionally, she will now move into her boss’ house in the fall instead of the summer.