Advent: Day One – The Word of God

  • December 2019

Words have power, for better or for worse.

You’re stupid. You’re lazy. You’ll never amount to anything. Such words create a hostile, suffocating environment. I love you. You’re beautiful. I’m glad you’re here. These words have the power to transform, creating a world of possibilities.

The only home six-year-old Vaani had ever known was an orphanage in northern India. She mostly kept to herself. Small for her age and deaf, she was frequently picked on by the other children.

One day, a volunteer read to the children from a Bible storybook. Cautiously, and much to everyone’s surprise, Vaani sat down right next to her. The volunteer continued reading, “For God loves Vaani so much that He gave His only Son…” (John 3:16).

One of the older children objected, “This little girl is no good. She’s deaf and dumb and can’t even read. Send her away.”

The volunteer looked at Vaani. “She may not be able to hear my words, but I bet she can understand this.” She threw her arms around Vaani and embraced her as if to say, You’re special. You’re welcome here.

And the Word became flesh.

In the beginning, it was God’s life-creating Word (logos, in Greek) who spoke “Let there be light” into the void, cast the stars in their courses and flung the planets into being. When sin overwhelmed creation, it was the same reconciling Word who spoke truth and promise through the prophets and scriptures. This Word ultimately gave Himself—not only speaking His love to the world, but putting His words into action.

During Advent, we celebrate God’s Word coming to us through Jesus. But Advent also reminds us that He’s still speaking, still creating. And His Word will one day return to finally re-create and restore all things.

More than two billion people still wait to hear God’s life-giving Word and know His love through Jesus. How can you use your words to create a kinder world in which others experience His grace?

Frontier Fellowship

We are so thankful for our friends at Frontier Fellowship. They have created this Advent devotional series, and have graciously allowed us to share it with you. For more information about their ministry, visit them online here.