• November 2018

Our team strives to be a grateful people, and each week we gather as a staff to pray over our missionaries and our world. But as Thanksgiving season rolls around, gratitude seems to be a little bit more on the forefront of our minds than usual. When asked the question, “what are you thankful for this holiday season?,” here’s how the United World Mission team responded:

Eddy Thomas: Our family is so grateful for His faithfulness this year. For every challenge we faced the Lord has provided us with grace, opportunities to grow, and community to love on us when times were toughest.

Karen Wells: I’m so thankful for our strong member care team! It is such a privilege to be part of this team, knowing that our work, which is so much behind the scenes, contributes in its own way to the advancement of the kingdom of heaven in places where Jesus is not known or worshipped as Lord.

Jennifer Coshow McInnis: I’m thankful for answered prayers for a godly husband with the bonus of two awesome stepsons. I’m grateful for marriage.

David Baer: I’m thankful for my beautiful wife in our beautiful new adopted country of Colombia in this beautiful spiritual community called the Biblical Seminary of Colombia. God is an amazing artist.

Scott Cunningham: I’m thankful that God has led Beth and me to a new church home here in the Charlotte area, which gives us the privilege of hearing the truth of the Gospel each week.

El Ahlwardt: We’ve experienced homegoings this year among family and friends. I’m thankful for Christ and His promises, and LOVE it when faith is surpassed by sight.

Wendy Waller: I’m thankful for my job here at UWM and my new husband!

Callie Fulton: A healthy growing family and a new home!

Tom Mullis: I am thankful for our partners in the US and around the world.

Bruce Lundeen: I am thankful for being part of the UWM family!  It has been a true blessing for me that God opened up this great opportunity for me this year!

Denny Mathews: I’m thankful for God’s continued blessing upon the ministry, administration and people of UWM. God is opening new avenues of ministry that will be a catalyst for significant Kingdom impact globally. I am also thankful for God’s protection on my family, near and far. He has been faithful!

Ronnie Barnes: I am thankful for the work God has given me and also the people I get to work with.  Thank you Father.

Rilla Springstead: I’m thankful for those who take the time to really listen & care. I’m thankful for a God who gives abundant, lavish grace.

Chad Hollowell: I’m thankful for my new granddaughter!

Paul Clark: I am thankful that God has placed me in His family, and given me a chance to work on the UWM team as we invest in people for His glory.

Bill Schultz: I’m thankful that my daughter Christy came through her chemo and radiation treatments with manageable symptoms and that her church family supported her and the family so well!  She continues some chemo until March to help ensure no reoccurrence. Despite the reason (Christy’s cancer), I’m thankful we got lots of extra time with the grandkids.

Jordan Smith: Thankful for how God provides for my family’s needs in incredible ways throughout the year, knowing just what we need, and thankful to be used to help expand the mission movement globally every day.

Ken Wienecke: I am thankful to God that HE took the initiative to pursue a relationship with me. He continues to follow up that initiative with more of His own initiatives. Amazing grace.

Paul Theaker: I am thankful for good health, great friends, family and colleagues! I am very grateful to be called a child of God!

Ryan Claytor: I am most grateful for the Lord’s nearness and help.  This past year has been an especially challenging one for my family, and yet we have found the Lord to be our “refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble” (Ps 46:1).

Michelle Lee: I am blessed and thankful for physical restoration of my body after almost 9 months of limitation and pain.  Praise the Lord!

Renee Gillespie: I’m thankful for my home and everything in it!