Love in Action – Refugee Camps in Greece

From the beginning of the “refugee crisis,” churches and ministries in Greece were restricted from sharing the “hope within us” as we lovingly cared for the physical needs at the various refugee camps around the city. We watched thousands pass by us, hoping they would hear about Jesus along the way.

The wake-up for us came when the first bombing happened in Paris and we learned that one of the bombers came through two camps here in Greece where we (Evangelical churches and ministries) served, yet he never heard from us that Jesus loved him and wanted to fill and heal his hurting soul. It was then we felt God calling us to have a safe place where they can come, and we can “show and tell” freely.

Immediately, God began bringing churches and individuals to us who could provide  the resources needed to create the center.  In June 2016, The Alliance Relief Refugee Care Center was opened just south of the center of Athens, Greece.

The purpose of the center is to show the love of Christ to recent refugee families stuck in Athens, providing practical help (showers, laundry, Internet, childcare, language classes, counseling, medical check-ups, refreshments) in a comfortable and safe environment, while intentionally looking for opportunities to share the story of the Gospel with those who are seeking.

We are open 8-hours a day; three days a week for Farsi-speaking families and three days a week for Arabic-speaking families. On Sunday the center is open to be used for churches or small groups that are birthed from the week, currently hosting a Farsi church of 70 believers and growing.


We believe God is going to reach many refugees through the center and we want to see many disciple-making disciples be sent into Europe through us!

By: Alan & Whitney Brown, Serving in Greece