Men in White to the Rescue

We serve in a transition home working with girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking.  One of these girls “D” had escaped from being trafficked when she was young and was in the process of reporting her perpetrator with the Mexican government. She gave birth to her baby during her time with us and afterwards was soon found by her trafficker. This man managed to get information about her case and found our safe house. He began leaving threatening notes at the front door, and we began forming a plan to evacuate everyone from the house. 

Shortly after, we received another note from him asking us angrily why we had sent “men in white” to his hiding place. He further explained that the men in white had talked to him about Jesus and how “D’s” father had taken possession of her, that he could no longer have control over her.

The amazing thing about this story is that we didn’t send anyone: “D’s” trafficker is a hit man and we knew that it was better to stay away from him.  Also, “D’s” father is no longer alive, which tells us that these men were angels, sent by God to protect us and claim her as His daughter.  We have not heard from him since.

“D” has since left the safe house and went to another location for her safety and the safety of everyone else.  We hear from her occasionally, and she and her baby are doing well. We ask you to continue to pray for her.

By: Jackie, Serving in Mexico