God uses a Dream to Save a Gang Leader

This is a story very similar to the Biblical ‘Cornelius’ story in Acts 10, in which God prepares both Cornelius and Peter for a meeting through dreams and visions. 

While half of our Winter Missions Intensive team was finishing up the building of Papo’s house high up in the mountains, the rest of the team ministered to many in the hard-hit neighborhood of La Sierra, where much of our ministry outreach takes place.

One group was sent to the homes of some of the neighborhood’s toughest gang and mafia leaders.  

At the home of one of these leaders, the leader came stumbling into the room holding his ear with one hand, visibly shaken, repeating, “I don’t understand…I don’t understand”.

In Spanish, he began to explain how the night before he’d had a dream in which blood had been spurting out of his ear.  Then God had met him in the dream, telling him that foreign missionaries were coming the next day and would tell him about Jesus.  God told him that his life was on the line, and he needed to hear and accept their message.

As he was finishing telling us this, John K., a team member who speaks no Spanish (and didn’t understand what the leader had just said) and who hears God’s voice very accurately, said, “I have to tell him something!”

Through a translator, John said, “Last night you had a dream that you were on the edge of a high cliff, looking over as if you’re going to fall, right?”  The youth nodded, stunned that John could have known those details.  

John continued, “I almost never say this, but God is showing me that you may die very, very soon.  He wants you to accept Jesus as Lord today.  This is your last chance!”

The youth was shocked that God cared enough about him to send people all the way from the United States to bring him the good news about Jesus.  Understanding God’s great love, he welcomed Jesus into his heart with tears in his eyes.

Jim T. did some needed deliverance work, and when we left, our new friend was filled with peace.  Follow-up discipleship will take place with with local Christian leaders in the neighborhood. 

We are amazed at how God moves the chess pieces of His children’s lives around, even when we are totally unaware that it’s happening!  We’re also rejoicing that God allowed us to be a part of that very great miracle, in saving that young man’s soul, and having a part in all of the amazing fruit that will come from his conversion!

P.S.  In another home visit that same afternoon, a mafia leader responsible for sending out hit men mentioned the changed lives of other former hit men who’d come into a personal relationship with Jesus.  He admitted, “Their lives speak volumes.  Before they weren’t safe anywhere.  Now they can cross over into other gang’s territories, and they stay safe!”  He, too, accepted Jesus, as did the others.

By: Tom & Jen Atwater, Serving in Colombia