An Open Door in Senegal Through Radio

senegal3For several weeks, Amet has been in regular contact with a faithful listener of our Radio Broadcasts.  This man is named Mbaye BÂ, and is the Chief of a village about 150km outside of the region of Dakar where our broadcasts are transmitted regularly.  He is a father of a family and has grandchildren as well.

Mr. BÂ took the initiative to call Amet and begin a relationship with him.  He told us how much he loved listening to our broadcasts and the good and new things he has learned of Jesus.  Mr. BÂ is from the Peulh ethnic group, which is well known for being very Islamisized.  Finally, Amet went to visit him in his village, and Mr. BÂ received Amet with great joy and respect, and then shared a story with Amet.


Mr. BÂ’s family has always been the head of this village, and upon the death of his father, Mr. BÂ took on the leadership of the village.  In 2010, as he was returning from a short trip, he had a horsecart accident.  He remained in a coma for 5 days.  Upon wakening, he was informed by the doctors, that he was paralyzed and would never regain the use of his legs.  This is why he finds himself limited in his mobility, and his favorite pasttime is listening to the radio.  Many weeks ago, in capturing a radio station, Mr. BÂ fell upon one of our broadcasts, and ever since then has become one of our faithful listeners.

With Amet’s visit, he was very happy and greatly appreciated Amet’s travels to visit him.  Before leaving, Amet prayed with Mr. BÂ and promised to visit him regularly.  Mr. BÂ was so happy that he sent Amet home with a large sack of millet and a bucket of fresh milk.  He also said to Amet, that as Village Chief, all the doors to his household as well as those of all the families of the village are open to Amet’s visits.

senegal1Pray for this man named Mbaye BÂ that God has put in our path, as well as for his village called “Diamageune Peulh”.  Pray for the follow-up as they communicate regularly by telephone.

By: Amet & Alexia, Serving in Senegal