Jesus Followers

A couple of my friends invited me to help lead worship at a retreat that they were organizing.  The main purpose of the retreat was to strengthen and encourage marriages, but also to let the attendees experience spirit-led worship. 

retreat1This was the first time I’ve done a whole retreat with all the music in the local language.  Talk about growth opportunities!  So thankful that I have continued to work hard to learn the language so that I can take advantage of these amazing opportunities.  

retreat2During the retreat we saw the Lord answer prayers through healing and redeeming people!  This man recently had a stroke, which left his hand clasped closed and he was unable to open it.  After people prayed for him, he started to be able to move his thumb.  They continued to pray and soon he could open and close his hand.  He just kept opening and closing his hand in amazement.  The next day he decided he would become a Jesus follower.  Praise the Lord!

retreat 4This older woman with her cool tennis shoes also decided to become a Jesus follower. We praise God for the way He is at work in the lives of those who attended.  I’m grateful to have been part of this special event.
By: Worker, Serving in Asia