Developing Leaders to Lead Like Jesus, For Jesus and To Jesus


WHY is Leadership Formation needed?
A former study revealed that most missionaries are spending 15 to 20 minutes 3 times a week in Scripture and prayer. Another study revealed laity spend about 5 minutes daily in prayer and pastors 15 minutes a day.  This stands in contrast to Martin Luther’s conviction, “I am so busy that today I will not get anything done unless I spend 3 hours in prayer.”

We assume that those in Christian ministry have ample time set aside for their devotional life and on-going formation in Christ, but the reality is the same pressures exist as for anyone else; busy schedules in a busy world crowd out and create a frenzied pace with no space for solitude, silence and giving attention to the presence, work and Word of God in one’s life, relationships and ministry.  The need is evident for spiritual mentoring and the formation of leaders that leads to strong Christian servants.

WHERE do we start?
We start with a desire to see missionaries and partners formed deeply in Christ…

United World Mission desires to see God-delighting, world-surprising leaders, missionaries and partners formed deeply in Christ and serving the church in mission to the world.  We believe Christ-like leadership is crucial to see mission work and the church at large be healthy, vibrant and bearing long-lasting fruit.

WHAT kind of leaders and missionaries are we seeking to develop?
Those who will authentically lead LIKE Jesus, FOR Jesus and TO Jesus everyone they are engaged with.

HOW are we working to develop Christian leaders and missionaries?
By providing spiritual mentors, developing guided spiritual retreats and writing resources to engage Biblical themes.

By: Chad Hollowell, Director of Field Leadership & Spiritual Formation

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