Equipping Leaders

We hear the same stories everywhere: Leaders burning out. Leaders controlling people. Leaders falling. Leaders needed. We want to reverse these storylines. We long to see leaders who thrive, experience joy, and who serve in the way of Jesus!

We live to see leaders around the world leading as Jesus did.

We equip leaders through spiritual formation, church planter training, theological education, mentoring, coaching, life-on-life discipleship…and through friendship.

Sometimes we work in formal settings like seminaries and Bible Schools. We have partners in many nations waiting for missionary scholars that will serve in theological education. See Initiatives.

But the greatest need around the world is not for formal theological training. It is for non-formal equipping.

Church planters, pastors, and evangelists in many contexts don’t have formal schools accessible to them. Or they can’t take time off from work for a degree program. But, they are doing the best they can to lead or plant new churches.

They need to be equipped where they are, just-in-time, while they are on the job. It is not the degree they need. They need biblical understanding, skills, and someone who will encourage them and help them grow in Christ-like character and leadership.

We have developed creative approaches to non-formal training in many places around the world—and you don’t need a doctorate or seminary degree to be effective at equipping others for ministry. You would be amazed at the difference you could make! You may be surprised how prepared you already are to equip others for ministry.

Explore Opportunities.

We also sense a special calling to the spiritual formation of leaders. See Initiatives – Spiritual Formation.