Donor FAQs


Yes. All of these options are available online or you can mail us a commitment card with your first check to begin automatic giving from your checking or savings account.

To make changes to your donation either through credit card or through Electronic Funds Transfer, please log-in to your donation profile and follow these steps:

  1. Enter your email address as your username
  2. Select the tab “Donations”
  3. If your donation does not show up under the Transaction Schedule, with a pending transaction date, widen the date search and click on “Search” again. Only pending transactions can be changed.
  4. Click the “Pencil” icon under “Action” of the pending transaction.
  5. Select “Edit” to change or “cancel” to end.
  6. Update your payment method under “Payment Information”
  7. Click “I understand that I am editing my transaction”
  8. Select “Submit”
  9. Return to the donation tab to review changes.

Note: Changes under the tab “Accounts” do not change the banking or credit card info for the recurring donations already in process. The account section is only used to store the account numbers of various banks you may use.

Make your check payable to United World Mission and be sure to include the commitment card or a note with the name of the missionary or project you wish to support and the corresponding account number (if known).

U.S. contributions should be mailed to:

United World Mission
PO Box 602002
Charlotte, NC 28260-2002

Canadian contributions should be mailed to:

United World Mission
Attn: Susan Zerf
PO Box 54024
Oshawa, ON L1H 1A0, Canada

Go Paperless

By selecting our paperless receipt option, you are helping us make every dollar count! Did you know that it costs about $1.00 to mail each receipt? Multiply that by each donation and you can see how it adds up fast.

If you are ready to “go paperless,” please fill out the form above. You have the option to receive your receipt via email, or opt-out of receipts all together. Either way, we will still mail your year-end statement for tax purposes.

You can manage your donor profile on our website by Signing In and updating your contact information under Summary Profile or you can email our Donations Team by clicking here.

Yes, United World Mission charges 3% to the missionary to cover the fees for credit card usage. We encourage donors to consider Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT), which is a direct transfer from your bank account to United World Mission’s account which incurs a smaller fee around $.30 for each transaction.

Yes. All donations to the ministry of United World Mission and our missionaries are tax-deductible.

Yes. Simply write “General Fund” on a separate note with your check or choose “General Operations” in the designation dropdown list.

UWM depends upon financial partnership with churches and donors that believe in and share in our mission. Our missionaries are required to develop a team of churches and individuals that partner with them to provide their necessary prayer and financial support.

Each month our missionaries receive a set salary that is determined by an analysis of specific cost of living and ministry expense requirements in their context and role. Regardless of fluctuations in the amount of donations received they receive the same salary, provided the funds are available.

To give a personal, non tax-deductible gift to a missionary at Christmas-time or other special occasions, make your check payable to United World Mission and write “non tax deductible personal gift” on the memo line. Because it is a personal gift for the missionary, you will not receive a donation receipt from United World Mission and you will not be able to claim the gift as a contribution on your income tax return.

Yes. We regularly receive stock donations. Please contact us at 800-825-5896 ext. 104 for our routing and brokerage account information.

While missionaries are raising support, donations are assessed a 10% administrative fee; once they are fielded they are assessed a 13% administrative fee. All projects are assessed a 10% administrative fee. These administrative fees enable us to provide financial and administrative services to your missionary and strengthen the ministry of United World Mission through missionary mobilization, training, and leadership.

If you have any questions or if we can help you further in any way, contact our Donations Team by going here or call us at 800-825-5896 M-F between 8am to 5pm (ET).

We are grateful for your dedicated partnership in fulfilling our mission!