Avance Espana


Immersion. Incarnation. Innovation.

granada-panorama-from-realejoServe in Granada, Spain with Avance for a year or longer. Immerse yourself through language and culture.  Reach out with compassion and love while growing and learning about God’s will for your life.

                * All participants must be at least 21 years old* 

  • YearOut – Come serve in Granda, Spain for a year
    • Dates:
      • January – December
      • September – August
    • Cost: approx. $2350 per month + visa and airfare
  • Two Year –  Serve for two years or renew after the YearOut.

Avance España invites you to be a part of what God is doing in Spain. Join us as we engage Spaniards in holistic ministry throughout the year under local leaders, sharing Christ’s love with our neighbors.

  • Immersion – Jesus walked with his disciples, live immersed within the culture (probable home stays)

  • Incarnation – Christ came to give life and give life abundantly. Share the Gospel of Christ’s transformation in proclamation and action alongside the local church

  • Innovation – God is dynamic. Join the local church in seeking the Spirit’s innovation to engage Spanish society

Core Ministry Tracks: Campus Ministry and Community Connections

Avance España is flexible with the needs of our local ministry partners along with the calling of the Avance participant.  We are open to hearing your passions and seeing if we can facilitate a good fit.


  • 21 – 29 years old
  • University graduate or 3 years of responsible work experience
  • B1 level of Spanish – Test Yourself Here
  • Some experience abroad preferable
YearOut Certificate in Cross-Cultural Leadership
  • Cross-Cultural Studies
  • Intensive Spanish Language Training
  • Spiritual Character Formation
  • Ministry Internship
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership Studies
  • Leadership Practicum

From their very first date, Kevin and Leah basically said to one another, “if you are not interested in cross-cultural mission” this is not going to go anywhere. Well, we both were, so it went somewhere. We got married and decided to explore our missionary desires as a recently married couple. We found Avance (then called Spearhead) in Mexico, and began.

Avance for me (Kevin), was no joke. It was everything we were looking for – living immersed in the culture, studying and ministering from the language, and serving under local leaders in ways that allowed us to participate in what God was doing within the context. But it was so hard. I came with zero Spanish to Mexico, I couldn’t talk to anybody, and I wanted to give up a few months in. But God was gracious, I broke through some language and cultural plateaus, and we really found our passion in cross-cultural mission.

That is when the Avance Mexico staff invited us to consider planting another Avance site. And the dreams and desires for serving in Spain were born. After 3 years of support-raising, growing a family, and working to find a ministry partnership in Spain, God, in great wisdom closed the door and sent us back to Mexico. We were defeated and thrilled at the same time. Through Avance, we learned to love Mexico, our host family really was family, and God is doing awesome things in that place. But the prayer for Spain never left. So we, a family of three, joined Avance Mexico staff.

Almost five years later, as a family of five, the opportunity to replicate Avance came up again. We explored many location options, painfully realizing that we would have to leave Mexico to follow this call. All in all, the soft whisper of Spain kept coming up, and so, after much prayer and discernment, we decided to pack up move to replicate Avance.

We are passionate about youth exploring mission and participating in the various ways God moves in various contexts. We hope the Avance experience foments a passion for missional living wherever participants end up after their time with Avance. Avance España is no different.

We are so passionate about mission and immersive learning, that between the two of us, we have three master’s degrees: ministry, cross-cultural studies, and global education. I, Kevin, am pursuing a PhD in ministry focusing on the Avance-type experiential learning.

We miss Mexico terribly, especially our friends, former host family, and tacos. But we have found a new place. Spain has less than .5% evangelicals, and even fewer Spanish national evangelicals, yet the evangelical church, despite centuries of rejection and even times of persecution, continues forward proclaiming God’s restoration of the world. Avance is committed to partnering with local Spanish churches and ministries in holistic mission. We are committed to raising up the next generation of missional servants from all over the world by facilitating immersive experiences in cross-cultural contexts. We sit at the feet of the Alhambra in Granada, where Avance España is based. This place is a hard, but special place, for faith and identity in Christ.

We would love for you to come live missionally cross-culturally, catch God’s passion for this place, and learn how to take the experiences and skills learned here wherever you may go on your continue to love people with Jesus’s holistic Good News.

Is God igniting in you a passion for Spain?   Come be a part of what God is doing in Spain. Start by talking to a missions coach.