UWM Partnerships 101

We invite you to partner with us in God’s great mission of love to all people! The awesome thing today is that we also can partner directly with brothers and sisters in many nations. Partnering is a way to demonstrate our unity as Christians across cultures.

You can partner by contributing to your missionary or national partner.
Your financial partnership makes a huge difference in the lives of men, women, and children around the world. Give today

You also can partner by collaborating with others in Christ’s mission.
Going as a UWM missionary means to join with national partners to advance God’s vision for their nations. We co-labor with others for God’s purpose. Learn more about serving with UWM

We also help churches, businesses, and donors connect with the church around the world. We help form partnerships that make a difference. Everyone has something to contribute.

How we partner globally

United World Mission “partners” in several unique ways:

1. We place missionaries in national partner organizations, and under their leadership.

Tom and Jen Atwater are UWM missionaries that serve in a ministry called, “Viento Fresco” in Medellín, Colombia. Their direct oversight comes from a Colombian church that founded and sponsors the ministry to at-risk kids in a very tough neighborhood.

Viento Fresco is Colombian organization, and our missionaries are assigned to work under Colombian leadership.

2. Our missionary teams partner alongside national partners for ministry.

Gregg Nicholson serves alongside a national church-planting movement in Bangkok, Thailand that is sponsored by a number of denominations working together. Gregg doesn’t report to any of the denominational leaders, but he is alongside to serve and to help with their “Thai National Plan.”

Other missionaries on our Bangkok team serve alongside local Thai churches, helping them to develop discipleship processes that will help church-planting.

3. We connect North American churches with national partners for outcome-based partnerships marked by mutuality and excellent relationships.

We helped connect 10 North American churches and a Costa Rican seminary with the Misión Mundial Church Association in Cuba. Cubans provided vision and personnel. Churches adopted provinces and Cuban church-planters. Donors helped fund training events.

A UWM missionary facilitated the partnership, helping the partners connect for common goals despite language and culture differences.

Results: Cuban leaders trained. House churches planted. North American partner churches encouraged and refreshed. Costa Rica professors given an opportunity to go out to another country to serve.