One of the largest and most populous African nations, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has faced war, poverty, corruption and other hardships in the last few decades. The DRC is beginning a new era for its people as they seek to rebuild the country’s infrastructure, economy, and educational systems. A ministry of the Congo Initiative, a group dedicated to restoring the DRC holistically, Académie Bilingue du Congo (ABC) is a Christian school located in the city of Beni. The school provides a respectful, engaging, and academically excellent learning environment with immersion instruction in English and French.

Are you a teacher looking to use your skills and experience in a cross-cultural context? ABC is seeking teachers and co-teachers for their primary school. Create a respectful, engaging, academically excellent, learning environment. Model good character, inclusion and positive leadership in all interactions with students, staff, and parents. Actively engage in the ongoing growth and development of the school and its programs.

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