Sports Ministry Worker

Taveta Children’s Assistance (TCA) developed from a 2007-8 outreach effort by a church in Taveta, Kenya, which primarily targeted orphans and children who had lost one parent to HIV/AIDS. TCA is a community-based ministry, open to Christians, Muslims, and others. It seeks to reach the local community with the gospel through the Taveta feeding effort and an educational financial assistance program, designed to help impoverished families send their children to public school.

Do you have experience in sports ministry and a heart for children and youth? TCA is looking to start a sports and recreation program designed as an outreach ministry to the community as a means of sharing Christian values. Currently, there are no formal sports programs in Taveta, but there is a huge interest in soccer, and even volleyball, for participants and spectators alike. Use sports as a way to build relationships, evangelize, and disciple children, teens, and young adults.

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