Refugee Ministry Event Coordinator

The Bridges Program in Colorado Springs, CO, was created to reach out holistically to the many Afghan refugee families in the surrounding area. These families have many needs as they try to adapt to life in the United States. They desire to grow this program in order to meet the overwhelming needs of these families.
Do you have event planning experience and a desire to help serve refugee families? The Bridges program is looking for an eventĀ  coordinator to be responsible for all the planning, overseeing, and execution of events to benefit the Afghan refugee community in Colorado Springs. These events could include, but are not limited to: English camps, Women’s Salon Day, Child Safety Class, Sewing 101, children’s camps or programs, picnics, and other activities. Oversee planning, recruitment, organization, communication and volunteers for all event. Coordinate transportation to and from the event. Help with marketing and communications to the Afghan community. Partner with churches and other organizations.

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