Family Ministry Educator

MEDIC Benin is part of MEDIC International, a micro-finance operation base in the US with over 15 years of history and $1 million currently invested in loans worldwide. MEDIC Benin has nearly 4000 active loans, which are essential for providing individual hope and community transformation in the country. Its extensive network allows MEDIC Benin to help new and existing churches, projects, and ministries to grow true disciples and send missionaries to surrounding nations.
Do you have experience in family ministry? MEDIC Benin is looking for a Family Ministry Educator to help promote the well-being of children from birth by supporting and strengthening their families individually and in community. Help educate locals in family life through print materials, classes, workshops, newsletters, mentoring and cultural change. Their desire is to emphasize the choices and processes to help people develop into healthy adults, work together in close relationships, and bring out the best in other by integrating family support principles are integrated into every aspect of work, faith, and family.

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