Discovery Intern

Are you a college-aged young man sensing God’s call to cross-cultural ministry but unsure of what comes next? Some of the greatest discoveries of life are found outside the classroom and away from our culture and comfort zone. Discovery Internship program exists for you to discover God’s world, His call, and His heart as you serve alongside full-time missionaries living and ministering among an unreached Muslim people.

The Discovery Internship is an opportunity to see missions “up close and personal” as you live with a missionary family in a village setting. Your days will be spent learning, serving, and doing missions alongside a full-time missionary as God equips you for a life of missional service. You must have a growing relationship with Jesus, a deep desire to learn and grow, flexibility, resiliency, and the ability to function well without first world comforts. We are currently seeking male, college-aged participants for six months to a year to participate in this internship.

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