House Church Discipleship Facilitator

A beautiful city of 12-14 million people sits in a fertile river basin at the base of the Himalayas. The environment is a quickly growing economic center, but the people still hold high value for drinking tea for hours in tea houses and parks all over the city. There are many of opportunities to build friendships with local peoples from several dozen ethnic groups. You would be joining a missionary community that has lots of unity of heart and camaraderie as they engage in mission together.

We have opportunities for people to disciple, train, develop leaders in the local House Church. This opportunity requires a heart to listen well in order to serve leaders. The purpose is to come along side these amazing people to help them (1) grow in their own relationship with God through intentional relationships through community, (2) to engage with the Scripture to lay solid Kingdom foundations for intimacy with God, discipleship, and church growth, and (3) to live a life of worship, prayer, and mission to touch the world. This role would require regular meetings one and one and in groups as you build relationships and work with churches and communities of believers to engage them in discussion and living life together.

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