Children-at-Risk Ministry Worker

Church growth in Costa Rica has been significant in numbers, but biblical forms of leadership, spirituality, and holistic outreach are weak. There is a great need for theological education, nonformal ministry-training, and cross-cultural missionary-training as well as compassionate outreach to meet the social needs of Costa Rican communities.

Glorioso Dia (Glorious Day) is a program for at-risk, adolescent boys based in Heredia, Costa Rica. Their goal is to provide a healthy, family environment for at-risk teens and give them spiritual, psychological, educational, vocational, social and physical resources so that they can achieve success and develop a God-driven lifestyle. We are looking for people to join with Glorioso Dia as they serve these at-risk teens through holistic ministry. They need people who can help provide discipleship, educational-training, psychological care, and sports programs.

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