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Why Partner?


In a globalized world with a global church, partnership is an essential strategy for any individual, business, or church involved in the advancement of God’s Kingdom.  United World Mission facilitates partnerships that advance Kingdom work in alignment with our mission. It is a process of building relationships, joining competencies, and sharing resources to accomplish God’s purposes.

Effective and healthy partnerships require hard work, a learning posture, and careful communication about expectations and results. UWM facilitators seek to help partners communicate effectively and share resources in an interdependent way that builds mutuality and avoids unhealthy dependency.


Three Ways to Partner


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You partner with UWM by sending missionaries and by supporting them financially, through prayer, and by your active encouragement. This is a valuable way to partner in missions because your missionary can be “incarnate” in the context, learning the language and culture, building relationships, and serving long-term with local Christians to equip and encourage them in fulfilling the great Commission. You partner through connecting with the work on the field through projects and short-term mission trips to assist your missionary in his or her field of service. You build relationships, often long-term, with your missionary’s team and partners, strengthening their longer-term strategy. You partner directly with a national church, denomination, or training organization. These are often best facilitated (or at least launched) with the help of a missionary facilitator that knows both languages and cultures well, is gifted in facilitation skills and partnership competencies, and is trusted by all partners.
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