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1940 World Mission sends first missionaries to Cuba 1946 World Mission formally organized as United World Mission 1947 First missionaries sent to other Latin American countries 1948 UWM begins work in Africa and Europe 1952 UWM begins work in Asia and Central America 1960 Headquarters moves from Dayton, Ohio to St. Petersburg. Florida 1961 UWM helps establish Dakar Academy in Senegal 1989 Headquarters moves from St. Petersburg to Union Mills, North Carolina 1989 UWM founds the Center for Intercultural Training (CIT) 2000 UWM moves headquarters to Charlotte, North Carolina 2002 John Bernard appointed as President


United World Mission Inc, Dayton OH September 1946

For over 65 years United World Mission missionaries have partnered with Christian leaders to help them plant, nourish and reproduce churches around the world. Because of these efforts thousands of people have heard the Gospel message and have experienced Christian community through the local church.

The vision for UWM began in 1940 when a pastor by the name of Sidney Correll held a mission conference in Dayton, Ohio to raise funds for a missionary effort. The conference raised $2,650, which was enough to send Dr. Correll and his wife, Helen, on an exploratory trip to Cuba to survey possible areas for missionary ministry.

Inspired by what they saw in Cuba, the Corrells returned to Ohio with a vision. This vision was to bring like-minded churches together to begin a work focused on equipping and training Cuban missionaries to reach the whole island and the rest of Latin America. For six years this group of like-minded churches worked together to advance the work in Cuba under the name World Mission.

By 1946, the work had grown beyond the capacities of this loose-knit organization.  Dr. Correll led a reorganization that brought 17 churches together to share resources and partner together through a new mission organization.  Thus the name UNITED World Mission.  

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