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Latin America & Caribbean
When you go to Latin America and the Caribbean it seems like there is music in the air—Latins everywhere are a social and joyful people.  But the signs of struggle and pain are everywhere, not least among the poor and in the marginalized minority peoples.  Church growth in the 20th century has been astounding, but many churches are turned inward on religious experience and are not impacting their societies.  We are thankful to work with gifted Latin and Caribbean leaders who struggle against the tide to equip leaders and lead churches to respond to God’s Spirit leading them forward—and outward into a needy world!    

UWM mobilization coaches look forward to hearing your story and your sense of God’s leading for connecting with the world.  Here are brief descriptions of ministry opportunities around the world.  These represent unique ways of fulfilling our mission to “serve with Christian leaders globally to plant, nourish, and reproduce churches that delight God and surprise the world.”


UWM is also willing to open new fields at the invitation of national leaders in a nation and/or when a U.S. church wishes to send a team in partnership with us.

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Church planter and ministry training among rural Mapuche people.  


Theological education in partnership with a Colombian seminary and ministry training with local churches to strengthen and reproduce churches.


Costa Rica

Theological education with Costa Rican seminary to strengthen and produce churches.


Teachers serving the missionary community at international K-12 schools in Costa Rica. 


Dominican Republic

Helping Dominican churches reach their communities through holistic outreach initiatives and mentoring church leaders.


Partnering with churches to equip leaders in discipleship, leadership development and ministry training of all kinds.


Regional Training Team

Leadership development, spiritual formation, church planter and cross-cultural ministry training in Cuba and other select contexts.



Theological Education

PhD and Master’s level “missionary scholars” to equip God’s servants for the church through seminaries and Bible colleges in select locations.

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Expedition237 - Two-Year Mission Apprenticeship

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Theological Education Initiative

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