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Asia is bursting with economic growth, population explosion and, at the same time, overwhelming human need.  Tremendous diversity of culture and religion make it a challenging context in which to communicate the gospel.  But while the eyes of the world are on Asian economies, the most exciting growth is in the Church!  God is pouring out His Spirit and grace, and we are excited to be there with His servants from many nations seeking to make Christ known!

UWM mobilization coaches look forward to hearing your story and your sense of God’s leading for connecting with the world.  Here are brief descriptions of ministry opportunities around the world.  These represent unique ways of fulfilling our mission to “serve with Christian leaders globally to plant, nourish, and reproduce churches that delight God and surprise the world.”


UWM is also willing to open new fields at the invitation of national leaders in a nation and/or when a U.S. church wishes to send a team in partnership with us.

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Equipping, mentoring and encouraging Chinese house church leaders in Southwest China.

Church planting, ministry training, and holistic ministries among minority groups.


Partnering with and equipping Indian leaders in church planting, holistic outreach and micro-enterprise initiatives among Muslims in Bihar.


Pursuing a city-reaching strategy to impact all of Central Asia through life-on-life missional discipleship, equipping, uniting, and mobilizing national churches.





Empowering church planting and evangelism through micro-business, ministry training, Bible storying, ethnic music and media.



Strengthening the Pakistani Church through publishing books, newspaper/magazine articles and periodic television content.


Partnering with and equipping local believers in church planting, evangelism, discipleship, medical ministry, and kingdom business initiatives.



Special opportunities for 2-year Expedition 237 missionaries!

Developing reproducible models of discipleship in the church, on the campus and in the community.

Helping churches engage in mercy and compassion ministries.

Teachers serving at Grace International School (K-12), supporting over 300 missionary families all across Asia.




Strengthening and equipping local churches through ministry training and mentoring; teaching English as a second language to strengthen church outreach; developing kingdom business initiatives that advance Vietnamese ministry training and church planting vision.



Theological Education

PhD and Master’s level “missionary scholars” to equip God’s servants for the church through seminaries and Bible colleges in select locations.

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Expedition237 - Two-Year Mission Apprenticeship

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Global Opportunities

Expedition237 - Two-Year Mission Apprenticeship

Teaching Opportunities

Theological Education Initiative

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